Artists Research Project - Research Requirements

Biographical Information

As you are doing your research, answer the following
  1. Place/date of birth
  2. Place/date of death
  3. Primary type of artwork (ex: painting? drawing? sculpture? printmaking? ceramics)
  4. Media (what materials are use?):
  5. Style or period of art?
  6. Short definition of that style or period (see Artlex or Artcyclopedia)
  7. Interesting/Personal information on the artist
  8. Three other artists who work in this style (from the time period of the artist - or contemporary artists working in this same style). How is the work similar? How is the work different?
  9. Favorite Quote
  10. Biography Resources (minimum of three -use authoritative sites and/or books). Include author, title, date, URL (for sites), publisher (for books), page numbers.


As you are doing your research SAVE FIVE (5) images of the artist's work to your disk (or folder on server).
For each image, record the follwing:
  • Title
  • Date created
  • Media
  • Size
  • Location (museum/collection)
  • URL/ site name (or book source if scanned)


Choose one of those pieces of art and answer the following questions:
  1. What is the subject matter?
  2. Genres. Is this a still life (group of things)? a portrait (a painting, drawing or sculpture of a person)? or a landscape/seascape/cityscape (picture of the land/water/city)? other (explain)?
  3. Style/form: Is this artwork realistic (as real as possible)? abstract (distorted reality)? non-objective (as far from reality as possible)? symbolic? functional? other (explain)?
  4. Description. Identify the sensory qualities (art elements). Can you identify a color scheme? Why do you think the artist might have chosen the colors she/he did? Do they make sense? What kind of lines did the artist use? How does the texture add to the work? etc.
  5. Discuss the formal properties - use of design principles.
  6. Interpretation. What do you think the artists was trying to say? Why do you think he/she chose this subject?
  7. What feeling does this artwork give you and why?
  8. What part of the artwork is your favorite and why?
  9. Judgment: Defend this as a work of art using one of the theories of aesthetics (or combination): Art as Realism - Art for Formal Properties - Art as Expression - Art as Functional


(include some key world events that may have influenced this artist) :
Sources for timeline